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Release Date: 3-14-23

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We Started Flat Fee ERC after searching for someone to help me accurately file for the credit MYSELF and finding NO ONE who didn't want a percentage or cut off the top!


I searched every organic listing and pay per click going 10 pages deep.


Don't waste time doing the same.


This is a government program and you never know when it could RUN OUT!

GET STARTED NOW and pick one of my packages already!

The internet is flush with business that want to help you get your Employee Retention Credit.

There is a complete lack of accurate information available on the internet. The only website I would trust for advice would be the IRS website.  Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to navigate the unclear and unreadable rules written by the IRS. If you go there to read about the ERC (which you should) you will find that their information is often labeled as "No Longer Relevant" or "2020 Changes" or "2021 Revisions" Or "2021 Notice".. I started to do research and found that nearly every single "FILE YOUR ERC NOW" Website was just copied and pasted from the IRS website. Even worse the information they copied and pasted IS COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT NOW! There have been so many changes to the program by the IRS that it is confusing Accountants and CPA's EVERYWHERE!  I reached out to three in my area and they all said they could help. Every meeting I took delivered inaccurate and false information! Honestly this isn't even their fault. The changes to the program are nearly impossible to read by people who have dedicated their lives to tax law and regulation! When an accountant is confused by the IRS changes what hope does a regular business owner have in figuring this out? I can tell you that: ZERO!! There is no way anyone would be able to navigate this without help. It is literally impossible. I dedicated my life to figuring this out for weeks at a time and still had questions. 

I will tell you now... If you send in your ERC application with errors you are doomed to likely never recieve the money. There is no phone line available to call the IRS and check on your application. There is no process listed. The IRS is already buried and behind with understaffed agents just dealing with regular tax returns. THESE RETURNS HAVE TO BE PHYSICALLY MAILED IN. Then they have to be processed by specially designated and experienced IRS agents that are in short supply. Each return has to be processed by hand manually! Its insane BUT it is totally doable. You absolutely need to make sure your sending it in with NO ERRORS because if there is an error you may never see the money. 

I created this website and these programs to help people avoid getting screwed by these fly by night operations that want a ridiculous percentage of your credit. I searched and searched and could not find anything that resembled accurate information anywhere! In addition to this, I could not find anyone to pay any amount of money to that can just help me or advise me! Before you go running to your accountant for help bypassing my programs please consider I tried to do the same thing and got no where. Many accountants say they know all about it, but nearly NONE have navigated the entire process start to finish. My programs are going to use your accountants or mine no matter which package you choose. You will need their help with some of this ESPECIALLY if you are choosing the "Do It Yourself" program. I designed these systems because I could not find anything close! If a website did have something resembling accurate information I could not find anything about who this company is or where they are located. This sounds pretty important to know if I am trusting them with my million dollar check and hoping they are honest. I encourage you to choose one of my packages because I can assure you there is nothing else even close. Do not pinch pennies trying to find a boot let version of my program. Each system is customized for YOUR BUSINESS. Every business is different and needs to be handled differently.


Let us help get this started now so your money can be on the way as quickly as possible!

"If your going to step over this stack of one hundred dollar bills to save a dime I can guarantee you will regret it. You will never forgive yourself if this ERC fund runs out of money or gets cancelled because you waited to long and didn't want to spend a thousand bucks to get a hundred thousand or more." 


Quote By: Every Business Owner Ever

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