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How "Do It Yourself ERC" Came To Be

From helping you file your ERC to doing it for you, we can help!

I have been in business for 24 years and have 58 employees in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I was inspired to start this business after spending countless hours trying to inform other business owners about the Employee Retention Credit. There are billions of dollars earmarked for business owners that worked hard to keep people employed during covid. The only problem is that very few business owners actually no anything about it AND if they do they believe they don't qualify. This is due to the poorly written and constantly changing rules laid out by the understaffed IRS. I am eternally grateful to the IRS for this program, but the way it has been structured and advertised to business owners is horrendous. The only people advertising this program is the countless thousands of "Fly By Night" ERC businesses that try and spam the general public with "$26,000 PER EMPLOYEE!!" ads. This has resulted in the majority of business owners (like myself) thinking this is some type of scam. I ignored the advertising about this program for 2 years because I thought it was a scam!! How many other business owners are doint the same? I have talked to dozens of business owners like myself and I have not found a single one that knows anything about the ERC program. If they do know anything about it they believe it is a scam or that they do not qualify. This was my understanding for 2 years until this November when I took the time to start researching some advertising I received from these bogus companies. I found out that not only is this program real, but I qualify for 1.6 million dollars! I could of continued ignoring these notices and lost the opportunity to collect the largest small business payroll tax refund IN HISTORY!! And how could anyone blame me for ignoring the constant spam thrown at my email. I have not met a single business owner that believes the program is real. Everyone I explain it to thinks I am trying to sell them something.


I started to realize that I am spending so much time educating people in person and online trying with all my might to convince my friends and family that this is real and if they don't file it I can do it for them for nothing! Still they don't believe me. If they do believe me they think it will negatively impact their taxes or that its to complicated to mess with. It is complicated BUT it is far from impossible. This is the biggest incentive for being in business EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE USA!  It is a gift for being in business and struggling during covid lockdown to keep people employed. 

People think they don't qualify and my first question is "do you have employees?". If the answer is yes I say they probably qualify. I have not found a single business that had employees during covid that does not qualify. I decided that enough was enough. While I went through the process of studying all the changes to the ERC program and working with my accountant I documented every step. I have turned that outline into a business that can guide you in filing your ERC yourself OR allow us to help you with each step. We also offer the option of doing everything for the cheapest fee in the USA if you want that instead. I came up with the idea because no matter where I looked on the internet I could not find anyone that could just help me with this! I spoke to my accountant and got some direction and assistance, but I actually found out most of what he told me was inaccurate. When I asked about this I realized he was getting his information from "Paychex" website which has completely outdated directions that have not been accurate for nearly a year. The IRS directions are from 2020 and have changed nearly 10 times! Each change they make is 20-80 pages and is impossible to read!


Here is an actual example of just a couple sentences from the changes and notices issued by the IRS which completely changes who is qualified for the program. 

"134 Stat. 281 (2020), as amended by section 206 of the Taxpayer Certainty and Disaster Tax Relief Act of 2020 (Relief Act), enacted as Division EE of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021, Pub. L. No. 116-260, 134 Stat. 1182 (2020)."

CAN YOU IMAGINE READING 80 PAGES OF THAT! Now multiply that with 10 changes ranging from 20-80 pages each. It is a recipe for your brain to explode. I invested countless hours researching what other ERC companies offer along with reading the thousands of pages of IRS rules, changes, and updates. You can try it yourself but I don't suggest it. Even after spending countless days and hours reading I am still learning new things about the employee retention credit.

What I do know is....

1. How to see if you qualify

(which if you have employees there is a 93% at least 1 quarter qualifies)

2. I can teach you how to file it yourself and give you an exact plan.

This is our "Do It Yourself" program. 

3. If you don't have time to do the homework necessary to file the ERC then I can help you do it.

This is our "We Help You Do It All" program. 

4. I can also do everything for you at the lowest cost in the USA and still file it in your name ensuring that no one is holding your money except you. 

This is our "We Do Everything For You" program. 

No matter which one you pick you absolutely need to choose one. I would not recommend doing it yourself. It is the most complicated rebate program in the history of the IRS. There is simple software available to make the process much easier, faster, and more accurate. If you don't have 80 hours to spend on this then you need to choose the "We Help You Do It All" or the "We Do Everything For You"..


If you have more than 5 employees then you cannot afford not to do this! It could literally be worth MILLIONS to you.


It will be the first time you are every grateful for payroll!

So anyway I started this program in Milwaukee Wisconsin with a brick and mortar location in order to put an actual face and physical place to hold accountable for what I am saying. No business owner in their right mind would trust some unknown fly by night organization to apply for and hold their million dollars! And just hope they cut a check back to you for the difference? Do not do that. Please.


Let me help. 

Thank you

From the founders and entire team at Flat Fee ERC

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